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    Graduate Program in Mechatronics

    Program Objectives
    Welcome to the official website of the Graduate Program leading to a Master Degree in Mechatronics offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Technological Education.This program is a 3-semester master program and is addressed to graduates who want to gain experience in the design and implementation of efficient, economical and reliable systems and products by uniting the principles of mechanics, electronics, and computing.
    It covers various subjects in the areas of electronics, microprocessor based design, data acquisition, power systems, mechanical systems design, mechanical behavior, and materials.
    The Program is fully recognized by the Greek State
    Graduates of the program can choose a wide range of career paths, as there is high demand for professionals who can combine the disciplines of mechanics, electronics and microprocessors, and cover the needs of most small businesses as well as large corporations.
    Who Can Apply
    Students with undergraduate degrees in the areas of Science, Technology or Engineering or meet the requirements for this MSc program from Universities or Technological Institutes either from Greece or abroad.
    The program is self financed and the tuition is 2.000 Euros.
    Scholarships are awards given to students based on academic excellence and financial criteria.
    Courses can be taught in Greek and in English.
The Graduate Program in Mechatronics offers to its graduates strong scientific background, 
experience and expertise on issues that require integrated synergy of Electronics,
Engineering and Digital Control.



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